Great post.

I'm in my mid-twenties and remember that bill in Arizona where they could stop people and ask for documentation and liberals (rightly) decried it as racially-based.

I wonder if something like that happened under a Trump administration, where there was actual border security (because there's no point in border security under an open border Biden administration) whether Republicans would get behind it without worrying about the "racist" charge.

I suspect they would, supporting your point that charge is losing its sting.

Also the optics of the federal government forcing the state to allow anyone and everyone to walk across its border in some sort of standoff on national television would be very red-pilling for a lot of conservatives/centrists.

Overall, I agree this will not spark a civil war but the rhetorical escalation signifies meta-political shifts that are good for us. I think Trump supporting the states against the feds is also significant (I haven't seen if liberal media is shrieking about another insurrection yet, but I wouldn't be surprised).

This is also just bad for Biden period, regardless of what happens. This is not the sense of stability he wants to convey. Even if there is no real conflict and someone caves, it's just another example of the dysfunction that has only increased under his tenure.

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"The thing about political change is that when an elite has hegemonic control, their power is soft, implicit, unspoken. This is where we were when I started. As their position weakens, and it’s weakening, their power is necessarily more hard, explicit, and direct"........... i think that has been happening for a decade or so. Even at the time of Charlottesville, in the full woke agenda, the elite started to persecute all opposition by banning, arresting and cancel culture, because the felt that their power was in danger and stronger measures were needed to contain opponents.

P.s. Matt i follow also Brad website Occidental Dissent and League of the South, i think Michael Hill is a great man and the league is one of the few movements that i still alive after Charlottesville. I'm curious, if is possible to know, what is your opinion about the League and Dr Hill?

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I remember in mid 00's illegal immigrants were actually marching and protesting against any kind of immigration enforcement and demanding that they should be granted amnesty. It was even happening in smaller towns on the west coast.

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"Our subculture can be more negative than an amish aids clinic"

As an HIV+ person myself, I don't necessarily appreciate this comment that seems to trivialize the experience. Living with HIV still carries a burden of stigma. Let's instead celebrate the brilliant people who are no longer here because of AIDS and celebrate people who are living with HIV/AIDS.

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The governor of Texas has stated that his complaint with Biden is that he is not enforcing federal law.

That’s hardly on the level of secession. But somehow the media reports and the blogs turn the issue into something else altogether.

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