Pure neocon article adopting all the MSM lies.

Russian security concerns magically disappear and, bizarrely, they disappear even as pertaining to statements made by Russia and its leadership: Matt not only tells us that Russia faces no security threats but also that we have never heard Putin or representatives of the Russian government say that Russia is responding to security threats, not in this interview nor anywhere else!

At the same time Matt invents statements never made and informs us that in the interview Putin explained that he does not regard any of Ukraine or its independence as legitimate, that he does not consider 'Ukrainian' a valid identity and that he does not want to reach any agreement with the West!

The war, according to Parrott, is all about Russian 'imperialist revanchism', seeking the wholesale termination of the Ukrainian state, menacing other neighbors too, fueled by resentment and vengefulness, despotic urges, and of unlimited scope and ambition.

As for Matt's 'personal hope' that 'the Ukrainians' might try to reach some compromise, unfortunately he says nothing (and therefore tacitly approves) of the policy of his own country of endlessly fueling the war and blocking peace talks as an unacceptable compromise that would endanger the 'liberal world order'.

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Feb 17·edited Feb 17

I think we have to read a bit more between the lines here. I think all the history and talk of Ukrainians really being Russians are essentially just justification to the people of Russia, with the threats posed by Ukraine possibly joining NATO being the real reasons. Yeah the Russian people don't like NATO, but that alone just wouldn't do it for them. Russians are used to fighting wars that are viewed as existential in nature. And thus, the Kremlin has framed it as such not in boring geopolitical terms, but in historical and cultural terms. Propaganda 101. Like you said, Putin doesn't care about justifying this war to the world, and even less to western right wingers, he cares about justifying it to his people. And it's smart. If anything this should be emulated. Viewing things in terms of historicism is essential.

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